Let's Soar: Kite-Making Adventure for Kids

Join us for an exciting Kite-Making Adventure designed especially for kids! Our staff will guide children through the process of creating their very own paper kite, perfect for soaring through the skies.

Experience Description:

Creative Crafting:

Under the careful guidance of our staff, children will learn how to construct a simple and easy-to-make kite using basic materials. From assembling the frame to decorating the surface, kids will unleash their creativity as they personalize their kites with colorful designs.

Flight Training:

Once the kites are crafted, it's time to take to the skies! Our staff will provide hands-on instruction on how to properly fly a kite, teaching children the techniques needed to launch and maneuver their creations gracefully through the air.

Refreshment Break:

Amidst the excitement, kids will enjoy a refreshing break with a serving of young coconut, providing a delicious treat to fuel their kite-flying adventures.

Take-Home Treasures:

At the end of the activity, each child will proudly take home their handcrafted kite as a special keepsake and reminder of their fun-filled day.

Let imagination take flight and join us for a memorable Kite-Making Adventure where creativity knows no bounds and the sky's the limit!


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