Bali Countryside Cycling Adventure: Explore Scenic Routes and Cultural Landmarks

Experience the beauty of Bali's countryside and immerse yourself in the local culture on this exhilarating 3-hour cycling tour, complete with expert guidance, bicycle rental, and all tickets or donations covered.

  1. Departure from De Klumpu Hotel:

  • Meet your local guide at De Klumpu Hotel and depart for Suter village, the starting point of your cycling adventure.
  1. Scenic Views of Mount Batur Volcano and Crater Lake:

  • Enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Batur volcano and its stunning Crater Lake as you begin your 3-hour cycling journey.
  1. Ride through Pine Forest and Green Environment:

  • Cycle through picturesque pine forests and lush green surroundings, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the area.
  1. Stop at Kemukus Village:

  • Pause at Kemukus Village to witness the craftsmanship of local blacksmiths and learn about their traditional techniques.
  1. Visit Manik Aji Village, Peninjoan, and Tabunan Sekaan Undisan Kaja:

  • Continue your journey through Manik Aji Village, Peninjoan, and Tabunan Sekaan Undisan Kaja, passing by the traditional complex of Balinese houses
  1. Cycling Finish at Undisan Village:

  • Conclude your 3-hour cycling adventure in Undisan village, where you'll have the opportunity to relax and soak in the tranquil ambiance.
  1. Lunch at Padi Restaurant

  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at Padi Restaurant, overlooking the picturesque rice fields and reflecting on your memorable cycling experience.


  • Local Guide: Expert guidance throughout the cycling tour, providing insights into the local culture and landmarks.
  • Bicycle Rental: High-quality bicycles provided for the duration of the tour, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.
  • All Tickets and Donations: Admission tickets to attractions and donations supporting local communities included in the tour package.

At De Klumpu Bali, every stay becomes a journey, and every moment an exploration of the rich heritage that defines our surroundings. Experience the essence of Bali in a place where Eco meets Tradition, and let De Klumpu Bali be your gateway to a truly memorable island retreat.

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