What We do

Authenticity – Sustainability – Playfulness

Energy saving
Energy saving light bulbs are used throughout the resort (including LED). Measure and monitor energy usage, electric, fuel and gas. Aiming to reduce energy consumption. Staff is trained to save electricity e.g. to shut off office lights and personal computers during meal break, when attending training or leaving office more than 30 minutes. All electronic devices are low consumption. Electricity is switched off in the vacant rooms and villas. No air-conditioning rooms. All rooms have semi outdoor bathrooms.

Waste management
We had minimized the amount of garbage produced. Composting and recycling are our solutions. Stainless steel straws are used for drinks. We separate garbage into the following categories: food waste, paper, plastic, tin foil, etc. Minimize waste of food. Better planning to minimize waste of paper, plastic, etc. that is not re-used or recycled. We have specific reduction goals. We record and monitor the waste volume and weight. Organic waste is composted or given to pig farms. The hotel staffs are provided with training to minimize waste in each departments. We bulk purchase orders and encourage suppliers to reduce their packaging.

Community support
We have Ashram Kasih Ganesha for children who like to learn Balinese dance, Gamelan instruments. We make offering and all activities to continue the tradition. We give donations to the Village, the School, the Subak aqueduct and to farmers. 95% of our staff come from Undisan villages. We train them in hospitality and give them English and French language course for free. If there’s any dinner with a dance performance, we always collaborating with local village dancers, and musicians. The resort supports the local economy and therefore only works with local farmers and businesses. We are committed and give back to the local community.

Pollution reduction and control
Organic and bio degradable cleaning and washing products are used throughout. We are using low toxicity environmentally friendly products for pest control and bio degradable products and cleaning supplies in spa, laundry, stewarding and housekeeping. We reduce to minimum the use of harmful substances. Disposal of all corrosive materials as batteries, acid and oil are carried out through authorized collection agencies. The property is carefully maintained to ensure it is kept as green and natural as possible. This helps reduce pollution and creates a healthy environment for guests and staff. The swimming pool uses ionization for water purification and minimizes chemicals use. To decrease pollution and noise, cars and motorbikes are parked at our garage far from the resort.

Water recycling
We uses recycled water for watering the plants, grass and flowers limiting the use of clean water.

Free clean water for guests
Water is provided for free in all of our rooms, served in stainless steel bottles and refilled to reduce the use of plastic.

Composting and planting
We are composting and improving the soil. We plant vegetables in each house garden and even grow stuff up our stone walls.

Kitchen: management optimization
We are composting and improving the soil and planting vegetable gardens in each house.


Kitchen: quality
All the fresh fruits and vegetables available in the villa are sourced locally and as needed to reduce waste. We use the first in – first out (FIFO) system to ensure freshness and good stock management. The kitchen uses organic vegetables and herbs from our own garden.

Building respecting the landscape
The natural land structure and local waterways were not altered. We respected and worked with the natural elements protecting and preserving the environment around the resort.

Building architecture to minimize impact
The rooms offer natural ventilation. Light is maximized using large glass windows. Curtains and blinds in rooms and villas reduce sun heat. We use wooden fences.

Guest awareness
Guests are asked to contribute to low consumption of resources, consider reusing bath towels and bed linen instead of changing them every day. Therefore conserving electricity and reducing water consumption and waste water treatment. Guests can experience Balinese daily life through fun workshops where you can learn things such as traditional dancing or kite making!