Jamu-Making Experience: Unveiling the Healing Secrets of Balinese Herbal Medicine

Embark on a journey of wellness and tradition with our Jamu-Making Experience, where you'll uncover the ancient healing secrets of Balinese herbal medicine.

Step into the serene ambiance of Undisan Village, Bangli, and be greeted by your knowledgeable local host, ready to guide you through the art of crafting Jamu in a traditional Balinese setting.


  1. Introduction to Jamu: Begin your experience with an insightful introduction to Jamu, a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine renowned for its healing properties and holistic benefits.
  2. Guided Ingredients Selection: Under the guidance of your host, explore a variety of fresh herbs, roots, and spices carefully selected for their medicinal properties. Learn about the unique healing properties of each ingredient and their significance in Balinese culture.
  3. Hands-On Jamu-Making Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the Jamu-making process. Follow your host's expert instructions as you grind, mix, and blend the ingredients to create your own custom Jamu recipe.
  4. Wellness Workshop: Gain valuable knowledge about the health benefits and therapeutic uses of Jamu as your host shares insights into its traditional medicinal practices. Discover how Jamu has been used for centuries to promote overall well-being and vitality.
  5. Tasting Session: Indulge in the fruits of your labor as you savor the refreshing flavors of your freshly prepared Jamu. Experience the invigorating sensation as the natural ingredients work their magic within your body.
  6. Take-Home Recipe: Depart with newfound knowledge and a handcrafted Jamu recipe, allowing you to continue your wellness journey long after your visit to Undisan Village.

Join us for an unforgettable Jamu-Making Experience and unlock the transformative power of Balinese herbal medicine, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to the ancient healing traditions of Bali.


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